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Vapor Fresh is a sports and deodorizing equipment cleaner based on natural active ingredients. Your equipment will smell really good just by spraying Vapour Fresh onto your pads and letting it dry. Vapor Fresh is a fast, affordable, instant and effective solution for foul-smelling sports equipment that is trusted by professional, college and amateur athletes. Fresh Vapor can be sprayed on almost all types of sports equipment, from chest and shoulder pads, to cleats and sports bags.

Air drying
Some athletes choose to dry their equipment. Air drying involves giving cushioning plenty of fresh air and room to breathe immediately after wearing it before putting it back into a sports bag or locker. Although this method is simple, it is very time consuming and does not eliminate odors almost as well as other methods.

Jump in the pool
It may sound strange, but some athletes choose to just wear their equipment that will not be damaged by water and jump into the pool. Apparently Chlorine in pond water can help neutralize the smell of the equipment a little. This method is rarely used, and is one that we do not support. The main problem with this method is not treating all the equipment, because things like hockey shoes and cleats can not get into the pool. This method is also not very effective to remove odors. Jumping in a pond with pads may be fun, but it can be dangerous and will not remove odors like Vapor Fresh and other sprays.

Chemical cleaning sprays
Fresh Vapor is a leading sports equipment cleaning sprayer, but there are other options as far as sprays to get rid of the odor of your exercise equipment. Other sports equipment sprays contain harsh chemicals such as Chlorine and artificial fragrances, which can cause irritation and discomfort. Cleaning sprays that are not specifically meant for sports equipment can leave sticky residue or give the athletes a terrible rash. These chemicals are not a good choice when cleaning your sports pads. Instead, choose a sports equipment cleaner spray based on natural active ingredients.

Conclusion: Vapor Fresh is the best choice for cleaning and eliminating the smell of sport pads
When the smell of your gym equipment is too much to handle and you are looking for a solution, there is only one safe bet – Vapor Fresh. With natural active ingredients, many happy customers start from individual athletes to great professional soccer and hockey programs, and special sports formulations, you will surely love the results.

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