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It has become more common there are some standard models known to take lickin and keep raving. You see what that means! This article will show some models of badminton rackets taught by physical education teachers across the country. We will also discuss badminton shuttlecock and badminton nets that will help you run your physical education program, Badminton rackets:

While competitive badders around the globe may be in the market for high tech composite badminton rackets for physical education classes, you must have one material on steel, steel, and steel of your mind.

There is no substitute for good old steel. Steel shafts, steel frames and even steel strings. Here are some popular models.

Morley # M14539 badminton racket offers about as much steel as you can fit into a racket without ending up with a giant spatula.

The Morley # M14540 does not feature steel strings but does not lack endurance. Double steel shaft keep this badminton racket back again, again and again.

The Morley # M14543 badminton racket 2 inches shorter than standard badminton racket. The size of 24 inches long was designed for young players badminton elementary school. It also has a durable steel shaft and steel frame.

Other models that are popular at the institutional level are as follows.

Carlton Attack Ti, Carlton C9750, Carlton 313, ADA 76 Smack Excel, Yonex B460, and HL 110.

Some of these models have a shaft and aluminum frame but all of these models have proven themselves in the gym and are of high value. These higher end models are still available at an economic price that makes them a great purchase for middle school physical education classes is the endurance may be a little less attention and better play rackets are more important so that students can excel.

Badminton Shuttlecock & Birdie

It’s a bit complicated. While steel rackets usually include the cheapest and best for PE classes when it comes to the cheapest shuttlecock is not always best. The cheapest shuttlecock is plastic with a rubber tip and should be considered only for use in the backyard.

They do not offer the best flight characteristics so they will actually make the game more difficult because birdies seem to have their own thoughts in flight. They are a bargain though so you may want to have some on hand just in case.

The best models have better cork ends for pop than good performing nylon racquets and skirts.

As for the speed of my suggestion is medium or blue speed as this is practical for all age groups

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